Hotwire Publisher Program Marketing Fee Schedule


This Hotwire Publisher Program Marketing Fee Schedule (“Marketing Fee Schedule”) is a part of the Program Agreement that governs your participation in the Program.  The Marketing Fee Schedule sets forth the Marketing Fee rates that you may earn as a Program Publisher.   We may modify this Program Requirements as provided in the Program Agreement.  All capitalized terms used in this Program Requirements that are not defined herein have the definition given to them in the Program Agreement.

As a Publisher in the Program, you may earn Marketing Fees for Qualifying Transactions (as defined in the Program Agreement). Marketing Fees will be calculated as a percentage of the Gross Booking Value of Booked Transactions (as defined in the Program Agreement) for Hot Rate Travel Products and as a percentage of the Gross Booking Value of Completely Consumed Transactions (as defined in the Program Agreement) for all Other Travel Products, unless otherwise stated as set forth in Table 1 below.  “Gross Booking Value” means the total price paid by Users for Qualifying Transactions excluding taxes and fees paid by the customer at the time the Travel Product is consumed. Table 1 specifies our base commission levels. Any special rates different than the base will be extended individually through the Administrator Site.  

If Hotwire ever pays you Marketing Fees for transactions that are determined by us in our sole discretion to be Void Transactions, we may deduct and setoff from Marketing Fees owed to you in any month, payments previously made for such Void Transactions.  We may also require you to refund us any amounts we may have overpaid to you in prior periods including, without limitation, amounts paid for Void Transactions

All payments made to you under this Agreement are inclusive of sales, use, value added or other taxes (if any) related to the payments. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary herein, you will be responsible for any and all taxes, duties and impositions imposed on you resulting from this Agreement, including interest and penalties thereon and additions thereto.  You shall deliver to Hotwire, prior to receipt of any payments hereunder, a duly completed and signed copy of IRS Form W-9, to establish that you is not subject to United States income tax withholding.  You shall promptly notify Hotwire of any change in circumstances which would cause you to be subject to United States income tax withholding. Such forms shall be kept on file at Hotwire. You shall provide Hotwire with an updated version of the IRS Form W-9 every three years and shall promptly notify Hotwire of any circumstance that impacts the validity of the information previously provided on IRS Form W-9. If you does not comply with its these taxation obligations, Hotwire shall be entitled to deduct and withhold thirty percent (30%) of any payments to you in order to comply with its obligations under to U.S. tax laws. All amounts withheld by Hotwire pursuant to this section shall be treated as paid to you for purposes of the payment terms.


 Table 1: Percentage of Qualifying Transactions

Travel Product
Marketing Fee Rate
Hot Rate Hotel 2%
Standard Rate Hotel 2%
Hot Rate Flight
Flight $2
Hot Rate Car Rental
Car Rental 2%
Packages $15